mmmm. kerplunk, mmmmmm

Remember going over that old bridge? It wasn’t that long ago…4 years or so. Mim and Naomi and the Scaggins family and a whole bunch of other characters in the Blue House series books I have penned, do it every day. They go to Barnacle Bills, the Scotch Bonnet, the Putt Putt, the Skating Rink—all kinds of places that were around in the 1960s. Do you have memories at there? Of course, Blue House stories are fiction, made up and set at our wonderful Topsail Island. I bet you have stories too…embellish them a bit, see what you can come up with. Take a look at this series-TOPSAIL ISLAND TANGO, THE SNEAKY FREAKY, BLOWFISH,  and coming by June, THE SERENADE OF THE CATTAILS.

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