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Sometimes it just ain’t what it looks like

  sometimes they just don’t listen, don’t want to know the truth, or are just too dumb. Oh well, what ya gonna do about it. Here’s an excerpt from Shark’s Breath: Happy with his purchase, Morgan Simpers ground the gears into second, third and then fourth as he moved northward along the long winding road.…

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The Meet the Author Luncheon was a success!!! We sold out of tickets and I heard nothing but good things about the food! Thank you so much to all who attended. I truly hope you enjoyed yourself and learned a little about the wonderful authors we have surrounding us. Sales were great, all authors sold…

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where the mermaids play

A couple of weeks ago this is what was happening out there where the mermaids play. Feels mighty safe being on shore and I don’t envy those who have been on waters like this. Long ago, with my father we rode some rough water–upchucked a lot. Speaking of mermaids playing–The Mermaid’s Book Corner located at…

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