Sometimes it just ain’t what it looks like


sometimes they just don’t listen, don’t want to know the truth, or are just too dumb. Oh well, what ya gonna do about it. Here’s an excerpt from Shark’s Breath:

Happy with his purchase, Morgan Simpers ground the gears into second, third and then fourth as he moved northward along the long winding road. Slowing with the long curves, he scanned the side of the road for the little driveway to his rental apartment. Lit only by sky lights, it was difficult to tell what was a small clearing and where an entrance began.  Then, there it was, his entrance. Or at least he thought.

He pulled in slowly, noticing as soon as he had, that it was not his entrance at all. A shadowy figure came from the far side, or had it been there all along? Morgan wasn’t sure. He backed from the drive and slowed as he approached the man, now walking roadside.  “Hey, need a ride buddy?” He called from the window.
For a moment he thought he recognized the face, somewhat obscured by the loosely fitting knit cap covering his head –or was it the lingering buzz from the weed that made him think everyone was a friend. He strained a bit farther, but the man abruptly turned.

“No,” the man stuffed his hands into the pockets of his light jacket and walked away.

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