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Nearing completion, I thought I’d offer a little snippet of what the new book has to offer. Hope you like it. Hopefully it will be out by mid JUne. Rae pushed past the empty crate boxes stacked willy nilly among the marsh grasses and softly spewed curse words as she progressed beyond old fishing buoys…

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Brooklyn Arts and Crafts Festival

Yooza, Yooza, Yooza. Finally made it in to this, been trying for a while. The 21st and 22nd…y’all come now. Lots of vendors from all over our area, many you’ve never seen before. All kinds of stuff by artisans talented beyond belief. Make a day of it in downtown Wilmington!

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Living in the past

  The above picture is of the CLOUD NINE, my father’s fishing boat. The one I worked on for a few years..great times! I use those times often in my writing, they take me to a place I’ll never forget. Yes, the past was a great place-a place I personally like to visit but not…

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