Nearing completion, I thought I’d offer a little snippet of what the new book has to offer. Hope you like it. Hopefully it will be out by mid JUne.

Rae pushed past the empty crate boxes stacked willy nilly among the marsh grasses and softly spewed curse words as she progressed beyond old fishing buoys and decaying nets. Eyeing the one armed crabs scurrying from hole to hole, hiding as a foot neared, raising their one claw in defense, she cursed again, “What the frigging’ hell are all these little things?” Rae kicked at the tiny crustaceans and moved forward toward the waters of the sound………………….. Spying an oar-the oar, swollen from high tide waters, an oarlock welded by time jutted from the wood. Its spike rusted yet still sharp. Rae picked up the pace, careful to keep balanced in the muck. “Man oh man, I’d hate to fall on that thing,” Rae muttered. “And it being under the water at high tide, man that could really hurt somebody.”
The oar lay Just as the instructions had noted; across a cinder block and dipped into the oncoming tide. A discolored, rusty looking rope was tied to the long pole and then between the holes of the block. A length of rope led away into the oaks and myrtle bushes thickly lining the perimeter of the marshy sound-line.
Yes, it was the right place and the right time. Rae’s eyes followed the fraying rope attached to the block into the wooded area. For a moment the pungent aroma of marijuana filled the air. Rae dismissed the odor, smiled and continued following the rope.

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