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Ob la di, ob la da

Life does go on –until it doesn’t anymore. In the meantime we all do our best-(or at least what we think we are capable of). Some people sleep well with their choices, others do not. ALL THESE LITTLE THINGS, the 6th book in the mystery series, is about those people and if you’ve been reading…

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Latest episode

This is sort of what the cover of the new book will look like. Still tweaking and will be doing so for quite a while. But I do have the title– ALL THESE LITTLE THINGS. Guess I do it bass ackwards, have to have a title before I can start a book. So, I’m off.…

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Sunday morning

Often at the Topsail Beach market I’ll mention to folks that there is a picture from the 1930s on my blog but that it was posted years ago. It’s a real drag to have to scroll through all my stuff just to get to it, so I posted this lovely photo again. Look at our…

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