It’s just my imagination

Oh my, sometimes I wonder if I see things from the past so much brighter, or better, or even a different color. So please correct me, anyone out there, who remembers the swing bridge from the 1960s. Was the bridge always green? It seems that it was more silvery 60 years ago. Oh well, it’s not here at all now, so I guess it doesn’t matter. Or does it?

Lots of things that existed in the 60s aren’t on Topsail Island anymore. But plenty of things still are, that glorious ocean, for one. Surf City Pier, Putt Putt Golf in South Topsail, the skating rink, The Soda Shop, Herrings, Thomas Tackle Shop, and The Shopping Center, (Red and White, IGA, the Supperette) are all still here..Have they changed? Yeah, but I still see them as they used to be. They come alive in my stories, along with the good and the bad influences and influencers of the time.  Lots of bad things were happening in the world back then, but here on Topsail we were safe as the world changed around us. Well, mostly safe. As the saying that originated in that decade dictates…shit happens.

I hope you will take a look at my novels, especially the latest ones in the Blue House Series: Topsail Island Tango, The Sneaky Freaky and Blowfish. I am almost done with Serenade of The Cattails, the fourth book in the series. Take a read and you can visit that long ago time, those glorious days when the bridge was silver. Hope you enjoy them. There’s some groovy stuff in those pages.

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