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Amazon assures me that Tickler Chain will be here in a couple of days. I’m very excited about my new baby and hope my readers will enjoy the latest book too. I’ll be at Carolina Decor Wednesday and the South Topsail Market Thursday.  The regular shops on the island will have it soon and I’m…

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Almost here!

Amazon says TICKLER CHAIN will be here on July 2, geez I hope they aren’t misleading me. Lately it has been taking so long to get stuff on time-seems to take forever. Anyway, the book is due here in a week or so. I’m thrilled,  my editor is thrilled, and I hope you, my readers,…

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Tickler Chain

Tickler Chain is at the editors and I’m busy selecting a proper photo for the cover. This is a maybe.This is another maybe. There is just so many to choose from. The chain you see in the nets is the tickler chain. It bumps along the sandy bottom and encourages the shrimp to jump into…

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