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Long long ago and far away

This photo is from 1959 and is where the little pink art shop and Island Inn are now. Kinda sparse back then, huh? You better believe we kids had a ball and such freedom–my, the freedom. It certainly was a different way of life back then and perhaps it spoiled some of us for the…

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The sunrise is always amazing. It’s the birth of a new day-a new beginning. We get another chance with each new sunrise. Now, doesn’t that sound lofty and optimistic. Rather, as I sit here poised to write another sinister story, I think- what can my character be pissed off about today. It’s sort of difficult…

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God bless ya, sweetie

Wow! what 57 years will do to a place! Things sure have changed. This photo is of the island in 1962. Times change, people change, the landscape changes and maybe even our memories of the past change too. Topsail certainly was never never land back then, but we had no doctor, no dentist, and only…

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