It’s Alive!

I love the cover of SERENADE- with the help of my editor, Andy Jasso and Bill Messer’s wonderful photos, my cover has come alive! The entire book has been sent in for printing and should be here in about 10 days (i hope). Here’s a little exerpt:

Mary shook the conversation with the pastor away and closed her eyes tightly to get the thoughts out, “People just don’t understand,” she huffed, reminding herself that she didn’t want to go over the conversation again, she wanted to concentrate on the California girl, the one Amos Burger had killed. It riled her to no end that he had gotten off with merely a slap on the wrist and that he seemed to have no remorse.  She never could stand him, “old Towler’s behind all this. I bet you two dimes to a dollar he has something to do with it, with Amos, in fact, word all around is that he blamed the girl. It was the girl that was drunk, that was cheap. “Well, I guess that means it was okay,” Mary chided. “I just know that Towler had something to do with getting that slimy bag of worms, Amos, off,” she snorted angrily. “They’re both just…,” Mary’s mouth pursed tightly, “just money grubbing bags of pizzle.”

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