Cattails are still fuzzy

Oh yes, the cattails are still fuzzy. They should lose that fuzz in a few weeks, But I need them fuzz-less now. Need a good cover picture. While I wait, here is a little excerpt from SERENADE OF THE CATTAILS:

If it hadn’t been for her, Alfonzo Towler would have never built the ocean front monstrosity his wife had asked for. He could have conducted business from Raleigh or even Wilmington where his main real-estate office was located. If it hadn’t been for the demanding, or should he call it exactly what it was, the black mailing bitch.

What was it she had said?

“Darlin’ he looks just like you. I think he’s even got your jowly cheeks I love so much. And those eyes, well, they just ain’t exactly brown, now are they? I’d say sort of greenish brown, sorta muddy, like yours. What do you think?”

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