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Faint of heart

Love is not for the faint of heart. Shadows of ourselves exist when we lose love; we cling to those shadows. So love is never really lost, it’s simply locked away until we choose to bring it back–maybe toy with it for a while–maybe revel in the pain of it.  Or if we’re lucky, enjoy…

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The last few days have been so beautiful, makes one forget that even the assholes of the world get to behold such sights. (Wow! that sounds nasty.) Ah, but do they appreciate it as much as those of us pure of heart are so capable of doing? Hmm, but there are man-eating sharks beneath that…

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Shrimp boats, we see them all the time from our shore. They seem fascinating, maybe even a little romantic (you know, men and the sea and all that jazz). Many moons ago I spent a night shrimping on one (when I wasn’t throwing up) and got a glimpse as to how they operate. It was…

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