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Happy Thanksgiving

The Coral Cottage is having a great sale Black Friday. Nov. 29. Saturday, Nov. 30 is the Kris Kringle Christmas Craft Show at the Missiles and More Museum at Topsail Beach from 9:30 to 4:30. Please, everybody come and support your local merchants. Both venues offer some of the most unique items around-and by local…

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time goggles

This pic is of the Ross Apartments in the late 50s. I was maybe four of five. The place is gone, I think Hurricane Fran took it out. But looking through those time goggles we all have hanging around our childhoods, those were some good times. The old building was a renovated World War II…

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I love this time of the year-the way the ocean looks, the crispness in the air (oh, please stay), no tourist season, and a return to feeling, once again, that Topsail is my home. Summer time is just too busy, everyone is trying to make a buck (including me) just to make it through the…

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