Somebody has a great big flashlight. ya think? a very beautiful morning on the beach.

The summer markets are coming up in about a month–Surf City Market and Pillage the Village in Topsail Beach. Everything from jewelry to food, veggies, pottery, wood work, photography, wine (some delicious home-made varieties) (the list goes on and on) and of course BOOKS. Yep, I’ll be there–at both markets, sweating in the hot sun, but enjoying meeting all the people who come to visit our island from around the country.

I’m hoping to get up to Beaufort, Morehead and New Bern to some markets there. I’ll keep you posted.

QUOTE: Accident is as much a part of fiction as anything else, symbolic of the grace that, along with will, conspires to put words on the page-Mark Helprin.

writing tip: if you want to be a good writer, you have to set aside pride.

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