Topsail Island Tango

The Blue House series, right now my most favorite series, is well on its way to having the fourth book completed.. It’s all about the old swing bridge, the huge dunes we once had, the 9 fishing piers, and characterizations of the people who came and went (and stayed), that I can muster. Of course I write fiction. I am a novelist, so I take liberties with times and locations, and people-all in an attempt to bring the Topsail of the 1960s alive. I hope my readers like my work, I hope it helps you to recall your youth. And if you are young, maybe it will give you a glimpse into another time. when people were vulnerable (as they are today), had dreams, made mistakes ( some really stupid ones), and, for lack of a better term- were simply human beings trying to do the best they could.

Here is a little excerpt: Rousing her from her sleep, Rufus Myers called softly to his daughter, “Hey little chicken, better get up if you want to go fishing with me.”

Mim looked into her father’s face. As usual, a broad smile stretched across it. His brown eyes held the whole world. She loved him more than anything, even her dog Rusty.

“Come on, gal, get your britches on and get your fishing pole and let’s go out in the skiff and catch some mullet.”

Her arms encircled her father’s neck, and she kissed him long on the cheek, the stiff bristles of his day old beard scratching against her soft skin. “You’re itchy, Daddy,” she giggled. “We’re gonna go out by Goat Island? That’s where we caught them last time.”


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