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I learned a new word.The word is draoi. It is pronounced “dree,” phonetically and it is of Scottish/Irish origin. If you look up the meaning it refers to someone who has healing powers. My Mary character, In Serenade of the Cattails, refers to herself as a draoi, though modestly, citing that her powers are limited and that too much power is hogwash and can be even bad.

Here is a little excerpt from “Cattails,” due out in the Spring.


“Well, no wonder you came to see me,” Mary tittered. But that little brooch, well, it’s not nearly as powerful as this one.” She turned the one in her hand over and stroked the purple stones.”

“Powerful?” Scaggins asked.

“Oh yes, don’t you know.” leaning down to ear level, Mary whispered, “Some people around here call me a draoi.”

“The term sounded somewhat familiar, “A draoi? The more he thought, and by the look in Mary’s eyes, Ben knew what she meant.

He chuckled lightly and nodded, “You do spells and heal things, right?”

“Some say I do, but I don’t do spells. I’m not a witch or anything like that. I just

pray or really think real hard, I watch and learn.” Walking back to her side of the table, Mary sat, her chin resting on her hands, “you know, when I was a child, I used to treat babies with thrush. You know what thrush is, don’t you?”

Ben nodded, “some kind of fungal infection in the mouth?”

Mary nodded, “If a baby is born after the father dies, she has the gift. My father died two months before I was born, I had the gift and neighbors, and sometimes mothers would bring their babies to our home and have me breathe into their mouths to heal them.”

“Did it work?” Officer Scaggins asked.

“I’m told it did.” Mary winked and leaned back in her chair,



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