Who likes short shorts?

Who likes short shorts? We like short shorts….words to a song popular in the 1960s. And this is a photo of my father, my sister and myself in 1967. It was a different world then, we saw nothing wrong with wearing short shorts-and that was way before Daisy Dukes came into fashion. People thought differently then, I think. Anyway, we were safe on Topsail Island even though miles and miles away the Vietnam War was waging, cities were being burned, women were burning their bras, MLK had been shot, Bobby Kennedy had been too.

My new series, The Blue House Series, is about those times. Starting in 1963, when women wore gloves and pill box hats with matching shoes, and hemlines were either mid-knee or just below. Three short years later those fashions were passe and hemlines were mid-thigh. This series traverses time, capturing the journey through the 60s. At least that’s what I’m shootin’ for.

So far, Topsail Island Tango, Sneaky Freaky, and Blowfish are available. Presently I am working on Serenade of the Cattails and I’m having a ball researching information about that time in our lives and trying to make the words a story. Please check out these books. And if you have been reading me, I would say the story line is somewhere between The Topsail Island Trilogy and The Murder by the Seas books-with some coming of age, romance, murder and intrigue. Thanks for reading!

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