Amazon assures me that Tickler Chain will be here in a couple of days. I’m very excited about my new baby and hope my readers will enjoy the latest book too. I’ll be at Carolina Decor Wednesday and the South Topsail Market Thursday.  The regular shops on the island will have it soon and I’m available also on Amazon. Tickler Chain is the 7th book in the Murder by the Sea series. Here is a little excerpt:

The warmth of familiarity and knowledge of a goal, one she could reach, flooded through her body almost to ecstasy. Then in the throes of her passion, the course, consuming envelopment of fear descended upon her, it was as if someone had tossed a blanket across her entire body. The emotion gripped her stronger than she’d ever felt before. She felt lost, alone-so very alone and as if she had never existed.

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