Round and round

The book is finished-TICKLER CHAIN is complete (except for a final re-write and editing). What comes next? Polishing the image in my head that will be the cover, is what comes next. But I’ve been chewing on that for several months already. What do y’all think of this picture? I like the foot, but is there enough  color? Should I have a net with a tickler chain attached-maybe a few hermit crabs crawling around? Of course the net has to be just so, and do the toes have the right color of polish on them? Is the foot girly enough? Should the shells and foot be in the water? Should there only be shells and a net? Remember, this is a murder story and so the cover cannot be bright and sunny, it has to be a bit on the ominous side. Decisions, decisions- pulling my hair out! Imagine going through this as I write–every paragraph, every page, every chapter is scrutinized by my never satisfied writer’s eye.

This is what is going on in my head now. Think of how tedious it will be to actually find a net, with a chain, near the water-at the right time of day and have just the right shells in the sand. On top of that, I have to be satisfied with the foot-and the polish, etc., etc., etc.

Now I know why a dog goes round and round before finally settling down in his comfortable spot. It has to be just right. I’ve started doing that too.


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