Finally! What a crazy year this has been. But the book is available on Amazon now. I will have copies the end of this month. (see how they treat authors!!!) This is the cover. Hope to have a better rendition of it asap. But had to post anyway. ALL THESE LITTLE THINGS, is the latest in the series. Hope everyone likes it. A little different, (could work as a stand alone, so says my editor) but then I try to make all books a little different while staying basically the same. Same characters, as always, unless I killed them off (ha ha). Love my characters-they offer so much entertainment for me and I hope, you, the reader.

And now it is off to another story THE SHORE OF THE WIDE WORLD. I’m already interviewing for tips and info from sources and am really digging this book. My heart and soul will be in it. Will keep you posted along the way.

I know I have been slack this year so far with posting, but the ways of the world have laid a blanking mess before me. So, things are straightening out-(thank you Jesus) and I promise to be more forthcoming. Thanks for reading and God bless.

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