to the tune of…

Those Were the Days, great song if you remember it. Geez I was so shy back then–well, sort of. This photo is of myself and Roger Hanson in 1967-he was in the Marines. I was working at Barnacle Bills as a waitress; he as a waiter and cook. We had great mustard and ketchup fights with the squeeze bottles. I was terribly in love with him; I was his little sister-yep, that’s how he treated me-as he should have. Thank you Roger. Wish I knew how to find him and thank¬† him for all the guidance (I was going through a rough time at home). He was a Godsend. I hope that over the decades he has found great happiness.

People come and go in a blink but leave profound impressions on us.  Christmas is just around the corner-the time for giving. Give your time, it goes so quickly, but leaves everlasting memories.


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