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Geez, it’s been hot!  And I think this is one of the busiest summers I’ve ever seen. As much as I hate to admit it, the roundabouts, despite being too small, are helping with the flow of our busy summer traffic. Plus the the view from the bridge is fantastic.  So what is there to complain about? Not a darn thing. Just want to remind everybody to be careful of the undertow, wear plenty of sunscreen, be kind to the tourons,  (they just don’t know any better and they are visiting our home) And if any tourists are reading, please frequent our local businesses, we do appreciate you. Holland’s Shelter will be opening on the 29th of this month and they are the tastiest! when it comes to seafood.

QUOTE:  “I want to do things of significance, things that will inspire people to know how good life can be.” Judge Reinhold

WRITING TIP: The above is one of the reasons I write. It gives purpose, supplies joy and makes me feel whole-like God loves me. It’s a feeling I like to share. It certainly does not make me financially well off, but it brings wealth to my soul.

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