October 2, 2018

Amazing how the clouds take form. Just the other day I was on the beach and it looked as if a city was on the horizon. WOW! (didn’t have a camera at the time)The majesty of it all puts things into perspective, reinforcing the belief that so much is not in my hands. That’s kinda nice–less work for me. I don’t have to save the world or anything like that. And it leaves me time to do the things I love, like walking on the beach which is nigh impossible these days without breaking the law. Alas–the ocean is what heals all the little broken parts, so Mr. Policeman, consider the bohemian soul whose air is that vast expanse, whose blood is the little gifts it leaves at my feet.

QUOTE: “We are all broken, that’s how the light gets in.” Ernest Hemingway.

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