Oct. 21, 2018

As far as I know this is the only tower on Topsail Island that has not been refurbished. I often wonder why–why the person who owns it lets it stand and rot. I have no clue who the owner is, but find it sad that this piece of history cannot be restored and used as a historical site or simply sold to someone who might love it a bit.

As a kid, I used to jump out of such towers, but back then there were huge sand dunes to land in.

These old Operation Bumblebee observation towers and the ramjet powered missiles they observed were part of a program after WWII that morphed into Cape Canaveral in Florida. Cool huh?

I think it’s important to remember our history, after all, those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it-as Santayana once said.

Our island’s history makes it more interesting, makes it more than just a play ground. There’s an old WWII warehouse still being utilized, old barracks, now used as part of a church and another as apts. Then there is the rich history of seine fishing on the island and our little swing bridge. Of course, so much of this can be found in my historical fiction trilogy. (Had to promote myself a little) but there are other wonderful books about Topsail that have lots to tell. Please read them.

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