September 4, 2018









Memorial Day to Labor Day–the summer tourist season for Topsail Island. 2018–the last year the swing bridge will be in use. I will miss it, and the clackity clack I hear when coming into Surf City. (so many memories–so much life!) However, a part of me–the curious part–awaits the new cement snake.  I have bets running with folks about whether or not this new bridge will actually help the traffic flow. I hope so, and I trust that the big dogs made the right decision about this change.

Ah change–Seems there is always something new happening. Just yesterday I found a new gray hair. I’m sure more are to follow. Embrace the change! Hmm–Climate change, change of life, pocket change, changing tides–so many changes.

(for real!–when was the last time I heard about hope and trust and change?)

QUOTE: “Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” George Bernard Shaw.

Didn’t Aretha Franklin sing a song called “change, change, change.” OOPS! sorry that was “chain, chain, chain-chain of fools.”



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