August 20, 2018

According to those who know, our little swing bridge will be gone by March 2019. And as I wrote last week, the times they are a changing so unless you have the $$ to buy this structure, and preserve it in some way, it will be gone. GONE! A few years back I called DOT and they assured me that the bridge was to be sold for scrap–so much for nostalgia and history. It is now useless POOP–throw it in the crapper. If you think about it, it makes sense–in Bizzarro world. Remember that world? I first read about it in Superman Comic books. It was a world where everything was bass ackwards. For instance–the law states that there will be no building on wetlands– (unless you have enough money and/or kiss the right ass). All the canal streets are wetlands. The corner of 50 and 210 were once wetlands. tsk, tsk.      Surf City is supposed to be a family beach, but there are no lifeguards. When I’ve asked the city council about this I’ve been told there is not enough money–yet I see manicured curbs. I’m pretty sure manicured curbs cost money year round. Lifeguards would only be needed 3 months out of the year (go figure). But the one that really gets me the most is the one about building ON the island. I believe our fair state does employ scientists and I’m pretty sure they went to college–so–they should know how nature works, how sand bars shift and change. TOPSAIL ISLAND IS NOT AN ISLAND IT IS A SANDBAR! Surely they have to know this!!!!!!!!!. (sometimes there aren’t enough exclamation marks) So–why does the state allow people to sell land that is going to shift and change? Something is stinky somewhere. Alas, there is no monopoly on stupid and no monopoly on greed. It’s everywhere and there is always an excuse or explanation–some sort of justification.

I’m pretty sure all this venting will dissipate as March 2018 nears–it’s my way of transitioning–accepting the inevitable–or maybe I just like to bitch.

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