June 11, 2018

Blue Fish, huge schools of them can be seen just off shore as they migrate north or south in the spring and fall. Those dark clouds in the water–those are schools of fish–menhaden, blues, mullet and several others can be caught from our shores. The bigger fish follow the smaller fish, ah, the circle of life–eat and be eaten.  Personally I’ve never enjoyed eating Blues. They are a fishy fish and a bloody one at that. They do however, make good bait and cat food.

Why the lesson? Well, I’ve finished THE MERMAID DID IT.  the book is at the editor’s, and so I’ve begun another story. Blue fish will figure in this one. It’s always fun to incorporate little known facts in books so my readers can learn something as they are being entertained.

QUOTE: “I only make movies to finance my fishing.” Lee Marvin

Writing Tip: In writing you are always “fishing” for the right words.

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