In ten years I’ll look at this photo and think I looked young. The mind plays cruel jokes on us sometimes. Right now I think I look like some old Russian woman. Odd how we view ourselves. Guess the character studies we did in class last night got to me. We had some very interesting people in — a couple locals, a couple from New York. Geez, I’m so grateful when people tell you how they really feel. This semester has been one of the finest I’ve had in a long time. We are trying some new things that really get you thinking, exploring and learning. WOW! it’s fun. Looks like some more fun is on the horizon.AUTUMN WITH TOPSAIL is this weekend. Three bands will be playing music and lots of food, beer, all kinds of vendor stuff, pottery, wood working, leather working, painters, stained glass, beach stuff and MY BOOKS.  Please come join us–the fun starts at 9:30 Saturday morning-or that mean old Russian woman in the picture will have a hissy fit.

QUOTE: Success isn’t measured by money, power or social rank. Success is measured by discipline and inner peace-Mike Ditka

WRITING TIP: a writer gets to know himself/herself better and better the more her or she writes.

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