Early morning Sunday, before AWT, and walking out on Jolly Roger Fishing Pier–still dark outside and man was it perdy. EVERY day I feel blessed to be here, my home.
It has been a wonderful AWT. I met some really cool people and saw others that I hadn’t seen in a year. I’ll next be at Surf City Summer Market on Black Friday. This year the market will be in Hampstead at Cedar on the Green-. SCSM brings so much business to the island. ANYWAY – y’all come out to Hampstead on Black Friday and see our wares–lots of unique, handmade, local stuff.

QUOTE:  A man travels the world over in search of what he needs and returns home to find it-George A. Moore

WRITING TIP: Imagine writing a scene about lying- without saying a character is lying. How does the reader know?

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