You lean in to me
                         So close that I
                         Can feel your
                         Warm breath on my                                neck

                         You stroke my arm
                         As if you have
                         To know the
                         Touch of my skin

                         You say the words
                         That tell me
                         So many lies
                         That sound like truth

                         Your stare
                         Wants me
                         Your movement
                         Disturbs me

                         Until I cede
                         All my strength
                        Then you turn
                        And walk away.

Sometimes, more often than not, characters get in my head and all kinds of things spring from them. This is a poem that my character Callie would write. Callie is from the new book- bouncing around titles in my head. geez, they all sound so good at the time–

QUOTE: Truth is everybody is going to hurt you: you just gotta find the ones worth suffering for-Bob Marley.

WRITING TIP: It’s okay to be confused-just write the ambivalence into one of your characters.

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