Lots of foot prints in the sand–must mean lots of people on the beach. It is almost September.
Did around 1500 words today on SOMETIMES (new book) and as I tend to do when I get into a character and start developing them, I look into all places to tell me who they are. Callie-one of the main characters, is in love. (well, the book is a love story) anyway-watched a movie, listened to some music, checked out the net–pondered her. She is taking shape and I like her. All the above help develop Callie. The movie led me to Oscar Wilde, the music to sexy Pink Floyd, the net-all kinds of stuff.
QUOTE: You don’t fall in love with someone for their looks, or their cloths, or their fancy car, but because they sing a song only you can hear-Oscar Wilde

WRITING TIP: Your characters are everywhere-in the past, the present, the future and in all your experiences.

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