Ominous, Ominous…geez what a stormy morning and day we have had. Good day to stay inside and read a book or watch movies. One could say it was an ugly day, but isn’t this photo beautiful–hmm–point of view. Can’t get over point of view. POV is such an involved, intricate thing.  I was reminded again of POV as I watched WINTER’S TALE (within the safety and dryness of my abode) a movie starring Russell Crowe (be still my heart) and Colin Ferrel. I had read the book and was wowed! Helprin’s writing is outstanding and makes my imagination shift into overdrive. But the movie-YUCK. Even sweet Crowe could not save it. On the other hand, I watched THE READER, written by Bernard Schlink–OMG! more, I want more. The movie was so well done, and the story made me want to read the book. Don’t you find it is usually the opposite? Anyway–THE READER was such a moving, intricate story; it made me question right and wrong (one of my favorite things to question)
So for the day, it has been beautiful–a beautiful reading and watching experience. And God did make it lovely outside–from my point of view.

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