Always liked this picture. Of course, blue fish, though beautiful, are notorious for latching on to fingers and any other place close by their sharp little teeth. We’ve all heard it a thousand times, beauty is only skin deep, looks can be deceiving, don’t judge a book by its cover, all that glitters is not gold. Yep, there are a thousand little sayings about deception, thus the previous blog about friendship. Oh, how precious friendship is and oh how painful is the realization that one has been deceived by that so called friendship. Seems people are out to get what they can and when they’re done, they throw you away.
At least that’s how one of the characters in THE TOWER feels when she learns the truth. Actions speak louder than words, all the blah blah isn’t worth a nickel when the the plain truth is staring you in the face. OUCH!
THE  TOWER  should be out in time for the Surf City Market, if not the first week, the second. Find out who is getting rolled under the bus. Hope you have read the 2 previous books in the series.

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