Little trip to Morehead City and Beaufort last week was relaxing and rewarding. Stopped in the Maritime Museum (skeleton of sperm whale on display) in Beaufort and saw lots of cool historical stuff. Walked to the boardwalk and gaped in awe as a 90 ft. sloop slid by in the water. The horses were out on the little island across the way.
Life is so full of pleasantries–good fudge, nachos–long iced drink—smiling faces, along with a fantastic view in a very laid back setting.
The glass is always half full!
VERY EXCITED about the Surf City Summer Market starting Tuesday May 23rd. THE TOWER  will not be available that day but should be the following week. The book is still at the editors.  PLEASE come and enjoy all the vendors and their wares. I will have all my books on display and would love to chat.
WRITING TIP: that little quote from Hemingway about ‘start with something true’ works every time. ex.–‘his shirt was blue’–and just go from there. Just start with a true statement about your character. Was he or she tall, short, angry-were they smiling? Was the sky cloudy, clear.?Just start–with something true.
QUOTE: Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.

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