Aw, ain’t he perdy? Ain’t he beautiful–this lovely lionfish, a native of the Indo Pacific region. Poop on perdy! The last few decades this invader has been terrorizing the southeastern seaboard, causing the extinction of many native plants and animals. He feeds on small crustaceans, you know, SHRIMP, and other small critters like baby snapper and grouper. In short, the lionfish is causing real harm to our area–the fishing industry–as if we didn’t have enough threat from other sources. (You know who I’m talking about)
He came to us courtesy of the home aquarium-owners dumped them in the sea. (Thank you lazy aquarium owner.)

Now here is a solution or at least an earnest effort at getting rid of the lionfish–eat them! Ask fish markets to carry them. From what I hear, they are delicious. Go fishing!  But be careful when you take them off the hook, those beautiful spines will zap the crap out of you. 
     Quote of the day: The only good lionfish is the one on my plate-me.
Writing tip: Make sure the information you gather on a subject is correct. And this is! 

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