QUOTE-Man is the only kind of varmint sets his own trap, baits it, then steps in it-John Steinbeck.

I find this quote so appropriate for one of the characters in my upcoming book, BRIDGE TENDER. But then, John Steinbeck is my favorite author of all time and his influence on me seems to have no end.

Hank, the character I mention, first appears in Waterlogged, (a mystery novel I wrote last summer) and finds his way into Bridge Tender (the book I’m working on now), WELL, he is on some kind of journey, let me tell you! Even though he is the bad guy (and I mean bad) I find myself sympathizing with his plight. Does that mean I’m bad too? Well, yes you dummy- you created him. (the little voices said in her head) AHHH! Maybe Hank is screwing with me too.

Oh well, Hank does that sort of thing. And as we all know, characters have a life of their own, an author merely writes it down.

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