Wow! I just noticed that at the top of my blog it says that I offer writing tips. Hmmm. Thought about that for awhile and then scrolled down and yep, there it was. I really did begin my blog by offering advice on writing. However, I got very few viewers.

Not to digress, but many times when I’m sitting at either the Surf City Summer Market or Pillage the Village in Topsail Beach selling my books, I do have individuals tell me they are aspiring writers. We often enter into an exchange of ideas, affirmations and “writer talk” that ends with smiles and acknowledgement  that we are kindred spirits. Sometimes, upon request, I’ll offer a tip or two.

Back to my blog being about writing – I guess I should do what I say or delete that sentence. Well, I’ve decided that every once in a while I’ll post a tip or two. Maybe the tips will not interfere with the many pictures I like to post. Posting-pictures is so much easier than having to write down thoughts. Oops, I’m being facetious.

Starting today I will offer a tip on writing. Here goes-Don’t be afraid. Remember you can always tear it up.

And now a picutre: isn’t a picture worth a thousand words?

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