This is a photo of my sister, Mary Ellen, brother John and myself in the early 1970s when I worked as first mate on my father’s boat CLOUD NINE.  The boat was docked at the marina across the road from the Dolphin Pier next to Buddy’s Pirate. The Pirate was an old World War II PT boat, Buddy Mizzell was the captain. Wow! what a great time in the history of Topsail Island.

 Topsail still has lots to offer. In fact, this weekend Autumn with Topsail is taking place with lots of vendors, food and live music. I’ll be there with my Topsail Island trilogy – it is complete and makes a great Christmas present. But there are so many gifts and treasures to be found this weekend – local artists abound with an eclectic array of “stuff”. Come check out Autumn with Topsail this weekend at Topsail Beach.

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