I think I have posted this before, but I am posting it again – these are the KIDS OF SURF CITY -I know a few are missing – some very important to our “crew.” If you have any pictures that include more please post them. I love you all – well, most of the time. Anyway, here is a tribute to the kids of Surf City. Hope you enjoy it.

    We are the kids of Surf City
    Our time knows no boundary
    We live forever, our dreams are bound
    By the sea, its smell, its feel, its sound.
    And all we need to know of truth
    Has been allowed to us through youth.
    From towers left by Bumble Bees
    We saw so far beyond the trees
    To lands and isles and foreign nations
    All brought to us through imaginations.
    Oh, those mighty days, our golden youth
    Were all we needed to know of truth.
    When from our sights we saw the sails
    Of pirate ships and cannon balls
    Like brothers fighting with sea oats swords
    We conquered dunes, becoming lords
    And all we needed to know of truth
    Was provided by our winsome youth.
    New age has come to join our crew
    Creeping Time spreads among we few
   Who lived so free, tho still are bound
    By that sea and all that we had found
    From the blessed colored lens of youth
    Still we hold the secret of the truth.
Carol Ann Ross

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