This is a photo of the old pontoon bridge that was used for access to Topsail back in the 1940s. I wish I could have been around then to experience that. My brother remembers it but I was too young. It was not until early 1956 that the swing bridge (still in use and which locals are trying desperately to save) came in to use. The berm had been built up and in 1954 the section there at Sear’s Landing was almost completed and ready for the bridge but Hurricane Hazel came along and destroyed everything so the new bridge did not get installed until 1956. We love our bridge. Please do not take it away. New and modern are BORING. And isn’t the island supposed to be a place you come to relax?  Take a breath, relax and watch the boats go by when our wonderful swing bridge opens for their passing. RELAX you can wait another 10 or 15 minutes to get here.

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