I never did very well in science when I was in high school or in college. But I know there is a reason why the ocean looks differently in Summer and Winter, in Spring and Fall. But those of us that grew up living by the ocean can probably look at a photo of the ocean and tell what season it was taken. Yep – the photo above was taken just a few days ago. Ain’t it pretty. I guess the reason I’m posting this is that it reminds me of the nuances, the subtleties that occur in life – not just nature, but OUR nature as well. I read a couple of lovely poems by my friend Dee Dee Lloyd – one about a mermaid and another about a childhood friend we share – I think Dee Dee has touched on the subtleties of life when she writes these. So goes, my own fiction writing – I am now about 3/4 through with THE TRILL OF THE RED WING BLACKBIRD – the second book in the trilogy I’m writing – and I’m going over some very “tender” material and am striving – and I mean STRIVING – to capture those nuances and subtleties. It’s tough work! I ask God to help me portray life here on this island for my friends and others. A good walk on the beach – catching the rays just right – tinkling of laughter, that low tide smell – these things help.

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